When your business is dependent on maintaining the natural beauty of a place, a shift occurs in your thinking. As a part of St. John, A House of Open Arms has a strong commitment to minimizing its impact on the natural world. I strive to keep the Virgin Islands virginal. In order to help with this process, the Villa and Cottage feature:

In addition to solar powered electricity, the Villa and Cottage are connected to the Virgin Islands Power Authority. Most of the time, however, this power is not necessary. The main reason this was recently connected was to allow for the addition of air conditioning to the Villa and Cottage to ensure comfortable sleep for guests at night.

Keep in mind that, as with most small islands, the power company generates its electricity using massive diesel generators. VI Power Authority often has trouble keeping up with demand. As a result, the Villa and Cottage both store some of the solar power they generate in a bank of batteries. In addition, a diesel generator is on site to ensure that power is always available.

For guests who desire a completely zero-carbon stay, the Power Authority connection can be shut off. Then, the only power you'll use will be from the sun!

A House of Open Arms combines the best of environmentally conscientious design with modern comforts. Book a visit to see how well you can live while staying in balance with the world around you!